The Blue Pines

Indie Rock from Grand Rapids, MI

Photo: Matt Taylor

Photo: Matt Taylor

We are a Michigan-based, five-piece indie rock band that blends hints of blues, new wave, and dashes of hard rock into our eclectic yet seamless sound. Our debut album, 'Separate Sets of Eyes’ is out now! We are currently booking our 2019 MidWest tour to promote our LP… stay tuned!

“There’s a haunting sort of British-hued ’80s feel to parts of “Separate Sets of Eyes”. The indie-rockers also manage to deftly weave an Americana feel into their bluesy alt-rock which gives this 11-track project a truly distinctive flavor, unlike any other outfit on West Michigan’s music scene. The five-piece band establishes its fetching approach from the get-go on the opening track “Miles & Miles” and doesn’t let up, with growling and searing guitar work enhanced by nicely arranged keys, a solid rhythm section and fetching harmonies.” - John Sinkevics, Local Spins

The Blue Pines are:

  • Tyler Newkirk - vocals, guitar

  • Jacob Krull - bass guitar

  • Roz Clayton - vocals, keys

  • Brian Johnson - guitar, vocals

  • Cody Rawson - drums